Passion For Power – Tatton Park – 2019 – 1st Prize

Passion For Power – Tatton Park – 2019 – 1st Prize

Great day out in Cheshire this Sunday (August 18th). 891VHX was given centre stage in the ‘owners’ arena and was well received by all. The rain stayed away, we got to see some stunning cars, met some lovely people as is always the case at these events and the organisers were so impressed with 891VHX that they awarded it 1st prize for best replica car.

We needn’t have worried about finding a nice bag to put the picnic in either as we found a lovely 1960s period picnic set on one of the trade stands at the show. A grand day out in every sense of the word.

Passion for Power 2019- Picnic and Prizes with 891VHX

Passion For Power Tatton Park 2019 – 1st Prize – Best Replica
Passion For Power Tatton Park 2019 – 1st Prize – Best Replica
Tatton Park 2019 – Passion For Power Show – First Prize winner

Mintex Rally 2019

Mintex Rally Yorkshire 2019 – Second test for 891VHX

Based in York, at the Principal Hotel, on 26th, 27th and 28th April 2019. 891 VHX visited Bramham Park, Harewood House, Harewood Hillclimb, Esholt and other Mintex Rally stages all arranged by Tim Nash and his band of helpers. We were joined by some great star drivers from the 70s and 80s and much fun was had.

The highlight for me was the long gravel stage around Bramham Park which allowed us to put the LSD to good use again (although it was a bit cut up by the time the Group 4 Escorts had been round). Only issue for the day, a rear tyre puncture at Church Fenton which was quickly repaired by the local garage meaning that we could still have a blast or two around the Airfield before returning to York for an evening of entertainment. Another succesfull event.

891VHX – Harewood Hillclimb in the wet.
891VHX - Church Fenton Airfield - Mintex Rally Yorkshire 2019.
I hope he knows what he’s doing… 891VHX getting a good thrasing round Church Fenton Airfield. The period Michelin XWX tyres are nothing short of amazing too.

Race Retro 2019

Race Retro 2019 – Pride of the Paddock – 891 VHX takes honours.

Eager to test 891VHX in the public eye, we took a two pronged approach to our display at the 2019 Race Retro, Show Pride Of The Paddock Competition:

One side was presented in 60s LeMans racing livery with a good coating of Derbyshirre Dales grime whilst the other side was polished to perfection in true concourse fashion. The public loved it and voted accordingly giving 891VHX its 1st award.

891VHX – Pride Of The Paddock – 1 st Trophy – Race Retro 2019
Henri sets about some running repairs – 891VHX Race Retro 2019.
891VHX shows it’s racing pedigree. Race Retro 2019
On the other hand… 891VHX polished to perfection – Race Retro 2019.

Lombard 2018

Lombard Rally Bath 2018. 891VHX takes to the road.

Just a week after 891VHX was finally completed, we took the M5 down to Bath to take part in the ‘2018 Lombard Rally Bath’ . Our chance to give the car a real ‘shake down’ whilst driving a few of the Classic 70s RAC rally stages. What could be more fun? After a podium start in the centre of Bath over a 100 classic Rally cars with drivers including Stig Blomqvist, Harri Toivonen, Rosemary Smith, Louise Aitken-Walker, Graham Elsmore and Terry Kaby (and us of course) took a tour of the South West which included stages in Longleat, Cricket St Thomas, Wiscombe Park and Porlock Tol Road.

891 VHX turns out to be a joy to drive and after the initial stages, the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) had been set to ‘off’ so that we could properly test the LSD (Limited Slip Differential) and 6500 RPM red line! Wooo.

We chose the Michelin XWX tyres because of their period looks but can’t believe just how good they are. Fitted by the likes of Ferrari in the 60s the levels of grip are fabulous. They really do stand the test of time.

891 VHX at Cricket St Thomas – 2018 Lombard Rally Bath
Porlock Toll Road had been closed for the day so we were able to properly test 891VHX.
Period pic of 891VHX rounding another yet another hairpin on Porlock Toll Road.
891VHX powing up Cheddar Gorge – Lombard Rally Bath 2018.