Starting with a lovely automatic BMW Z3 and an off the shelf Tribute Automotive Coupe Kit then pouring in an awful lot of automotive and engineering know how in this beautiful car was created.

From the ground up we stripped the car, prepared the bodywork, refurbished absolutely everything which needed touching up and then lovingly assembled this beauty. Additional features include

  • Stainless steel electric windows
  • Bonnet alignment mechanism
  • Tiptronic gear stick
  • Exhaust valves
  • Colour coordinated internal door tops
  • Numerous internal molding and trim improvements

Overall this is a unique classic 60’s style tourer unlike anything else that you will find no matter how hard or far you look. This is a spacious, comfortable, well appointed and extremely well behaved car. Not just for high days and holidays but a car which makes its presence felt and which turns heads every day of the week

Features include:

  • Air conditioning,
  • Anti lock brakes with disks all round,
  • Light alloy wheels,
  • Central locking with electronic boot release,
  • Dynamic stability control (DSC)
  • Heated Seats,
  • Modern 3.0Ltr straight six power plant with electronic Fuel Injection,
  • Fully rebuilt chassis,
  • Power steering,
  • Front and rear parking sensors,
  • DAB audio with Bluetooth hands free calling…

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