Race Retro 2019

Race Retro 2019 – Pride of the Paddock – 891 VHX takes honours.

Eager to test 891VHX in the public eye, we took a two pronged approach to our display at the 2019 Race Retro, Show Pride Of The Paddock Competition:

One side was presented in 60s LeMans racing livery with a good coating of Derbyshirre Dales grime whilst the other side was polished to perfection in true concourse fashion. The public loved it and voted accordingly giving 891VHX its 1st award.

891VHX – Pride Of The Paddock – 1 st Trophy – Race Retro 2019
Henri sets about some running repairs – 891VHX Race Retro 2019.
891VHX shows it’s racing pedigree. Race Retro 2019
On the other hand… 891VHX polished to perfection – Race Retro 2019.